Milk and Honey
Our charitable objectives

Develop and operate sustainable projects that help meet the economic, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of overseas communities

Engage and empower both nationals and visiting volunteers to participate in projects, fostering personal growth and development, meaningful connection, and fulfilling outcomes

Operate community centres

Provide educational and vocational training

Encourage and facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of individuals and members of church communities

Our core values

We measure success based on the accomplishments of the Cambodians we inspire, empower, train, and disciple.

People matter
Building genuine relationships built on trust and mutual respect is the foundation for everything else we do. Buildings and projects come and go, but people remain, and shape the world around them. We care about people, and seek to build people’s dignity, self worth, and character.

Community matters
Purpose unites people and builds community. We seek to bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds to belong to caring communities that work together for positive outcomes

Holistic approaches
Poverty exists in many forms; materially, economically, relationally, and spiritually. When seeking to influence social change, we try to understand all the contributing factors in order to develop a holistic approach.

Sustainable, long term strategies
We’re not looking for band-aid solutions or quick fixes that don’t last. We take the time to listen, learn, and work alongside local people to develop holistic strategies that will have a lasting impact, avoid causing harm, and be partially or fully self-sufficient.

Love, honour, respect, and integrity

We love God and love people. We honour those who have gone before us, the people we are called to serve, and those in positions of authority. We respect the laws of the land. We maintain personal and financial integrity at all costs.

We serve those in need without discrimination
We do not advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.

Our core beliefs

We are a Christian ministry. We love God and Love people. We believe every individual has the right to choose their religious views, and we treat people of all religions and cultures with respect. Simply demonstrating the love of Christ in all that we do invites questions from those around us, and we make ourselves available to discuss our faith to anyone who is interested. We do offer free, optional bible classes and programs to local people as a way to respond to the many questions about our beliefs. Ultimately, it is the Cambodian people that are searching for restoration, purpose, and wholeness in all it’s forms, and their appetite for spiritual input determines our response.


The triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) created the world, and all mankind fell into sin, and became estranged from God. God became flesh to redeem humanity in the person of Jesus Christ and in his death and resurrection, Jesus achieved our salvation for us, so that by placing our faith in Him, we may be saved by grace alone, and be reconciled to God. Finally, the Bible is the only authoritative word of God.

Our legal structure

Milk and Honey was founded in 2010.

Milk and Honey English School is registered with the Ministry of Education in Cambodia.

Milk and Honey is also registered as a Church with the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia.

Milk and Honey Projects Inc is a registered charity in Australia, with the purpose of advancing education and advancing social and public welfare, serving communities overseas.  More details on our charity status is available on the ACNC website.

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