Milk and Honey

“If you are a person who wants more than souvenirs and photographs, if you are interested in real people with real stories, if you are unafraid to face the best and worst of yourself as well as others, then Milk and Honey Adventure Team is unmissable.”

“I have learnt more than i thought was possible within two weeks. And i know the lessons will continue to impact me as I look back on this trip. What is happening in Cambodia both in the past and future will rock your world. The team at Milk and Honey is phenomenal in so many ways. I have visited majestic temples, a beautiful island, local villages, historic sites of devastation and heart break, yet seen hope rise out of disaster and despair. To truly understand this country you would need to spend a lifetime here.”

“Through this visit you can gain some powerful insight.”

– Lisa Ainsworth

“Thanks Dan and Renuka for two weeks of incredible spiritual growth whilst getting an historical insight and hopefully wisdom into the Cambodian way of life. The opportunity to enhance the structural and educational services offered through the school was an honour and a pleasure. The Cambodian people have proven to be both resilient and inspirational. I feel privileged and thank God for this experience.”

– Jackie Miller

“If you want to be immersed in another culture, in different ways of life, first hand meaningful experience in missions and want to be challenged, take the next steps in your journey of faith and learn about yourself, others and God – I couldn’t think of a better experience than this one.”

“Thank you Dan and Nuka for going above and beyond to make this an unforgettable experience. your dedication and commitment to follow your calling and live your life with the purpose of loving, empowering and sharing God’s love with Cambodian people has had a huge impact on me.”

– Lisa Colton


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