Milk and Honey

Ernie & Joane Fougere – Prayer and advisory support

Throughout their 29 years of ministry Ernie and Joanne have always desired to bring people of like mind and like heart to network together to advance His Kingdom. Their first 15 years of Ministry as Pastors was devoted to equipping the saints to do the work of the Ministry. During this time they have always reached out, beyond the four walls of the Church.
The Lord has put on their hearts to reach out to the poor, the widow and the orphans. It started out by ministering to the Street People in their own city streets and this went on year round for 6 years, even at -50 Degrees Celsius. It then continued to the far north of their province to their native population.
This began in earnest, when they started going to the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, which they still do to this day. In these Asian Countries they endeavor to network with ministries who have the same heart as they have towards God’s people. To each of these nations they bring a positive influence and work together to help bring change to these children and families, thus eventually helping change a Nation.

Muriel Pickles – Prayer and advisory support

Muriel Pickels is a retired school teacher and taught for many years in the Christian Education sector, having taught Renuka as a little girl. She is very excited about the way Nuka is serving God in Cambodia. She supports the God-given vision for the school in Sihanoukville and has been interceding for Milk and Honey for a number of years. Muriel attends a local church and has served as leader of the Church Intercessory Group for the past fifteen years. She has an unshakable faith in God and the power of His word to accomplish all that He has purposed. Nothing is impossible for Him.



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