Milk and Honey

Announcing a major change for Milk and Honey

We are transitioning to a new city, tackling a different challenge, and changing our name, after 8 years in Sihanoukville.


Our culture, values, and approach will remain very similar to the Milk + Honey that you’re familiar with, as the team remains unchanged.

This change has been driven by a number of factors, not least the direction we feel God is leading us in, and the changing needs and challenges faced by the Cambodian people. We want to be strategic and as effective as possible as we adjust to a drastically changing Cambodia.

Sihanoukville is changing

Over the last 2 years the Chinese have undertaken huge infrastructure projects in Cambodia, with a main focus on Sihanoukville where we are based. They have imported thousands of workers who are building casinos, roads, factories, and expanding the shipping port, as part of their rebuilding of the ancient Silk Road trade route.

The impact on the local community in Sihanoukville has been extreme, with demand for land and real estate driving sale and rental process up to 20x what it was only 2 years ago. Many of our students have left with their families and moved to Phnom Penh, where prices are more reasonable. The intention of the Chinese appears to be to take over the entire city, making it a destination for Chinese workers and tourists. We are already seeing that many of the establishments the Chinese have built are closed to Cambodians.

Seeing all this change led us to investigate why the Chinese are targeting Sihanoukville, and we learned that Cambodia is just one of many countries along the Silk Road. Under their new Belt Road Initiative, they are building transport infrastructure in many countries. Because many of these nations are underdeveloped, China is building roads, railways, and ports, for international trade.

A threat and an opportunity

While infrastructure development does have a positive impact, increasing trade has a sinister side as well. Cambodia is in the top 10 nations for modern slavery, and increased trade will also result in an increase in human trafficking.

On 1st of October 102 Chinese were arrested for trafficking in Cambodia. Their targets were Cambodian girls.

For years we have had a heart to make an impact in the area of human trafficking, and our experience in Cambodia has revealed many opportunities for effective prevention of trafficking, primarily through educating the most vulnerable. The current focus of many organisations on rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked girls is valid and needed, however better prevention will reduce the need for this, and have a greater impact overall.

Milk + Honey is therefore changing in three major ways.

  • We are closing the English School in Sihanoukville
  • We are shifting our focus to addressing modern slavery.
  • We are changing our name to Freedom International.
  • We are setting up a new base of operations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We are keeping the same approach of empowerment through education, which is in our DNA as an organisation.

We are starting our operations in Cambodia before expanding to other nations on the Silk Road.

We have no doubt that the last 8 years have been preparation for this new season, and we’d like to invite you to be part of this world-changing vision from the very beginning.



Where will donations be going?
Donations will continue to fund the team in the planning and preparation phase of launching the vision and the new organisation. Until sufficient seed funding has been raised to launch Freedom International, Milk and Honey Projects Inc remains the legal entity and registered charity the funds are being donated to.
What will happen to the students?
Milk and Honey English School completed the 2018 School year for enrolled students.  For those who wish to continue English language study in 2019 and beyond, there are now 4 other English Schools in the local area.
What will happen to the Cambodian Staff?
Several of the staff are already employed in new jobs.  We have written references for each of them, and the experience and skills gained from their time at Milk and Honey will open excellent employment opportunities for those who are looking for new jobs.  One has already started their own micro business, and others already had family businesses or side gigs they were doing in addition to their Milk and Honey work. 
What will happen to the School Equipment and Resources?
The building we were in was leased.  Old and unuseable equipment and resources have been sold, and the remaining items have been moved to storage in Phnom Penh, where we will return in March 2019 to establish our new South East Asia base.
Will you return to Sihanoukville?
Due to the fact that Sihanoukville is a port town on the Silk Road trade route, we do anticipate having a presence their again under the banner of Freedom International at some point in the future.
Where will the Western Field Team move to?
Our amazing field directors Dan and Renuka have returned to Australia for a temporary break along with our awesome field worker Lisa.  During their few months in Australia, they will be working on planning and establishing the Freedom International Project, and having a hard-earned and much needed break from the pressure of running a School, Community Centre, Early Learning Centre, and Cafe in Cambodia for the last 8 years.  When their time in Australia comes to an end in March 2019, they will be returning to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to establish our first base of oerations.
Will Milk and Honey remain a registered charity?
Milk and Honey will remain registered in it’s current form until it becomes necessary to change the legal structure to enable the new vision. Until the funds have been raised to launch Freedom International, we will remain as Milk and Honey, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).
How can I find out more about what you are doing next?
Visit the Freedom International website here.