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Here's why you're not invited to our Christmas Fundraiser!

We're making it super easy for you by not putting an event on this silly season! ? ? ? Save time and stress, and...

Just make a donation instead!

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Here's our new 6 minute video explaining what we do, and how your donations help!


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Bank: Suncorp (Australia)

Account Name: Milk and Honey Projects Inc

BSB: 484-799

ACC: 123511960

Donations do not include GST and are not tax-deductable.

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As a registered charity in Australia, there is a significant cost and reporting workload for complying with tax deductable donation requirements. Most smaller organisations gain tax deductible status via a third party organisation, at a cost of 7 to 10% of funds donated. We don't think this is wise stewardship, and prefer that your donation makes the biggest difference possible, by being used as intended.


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