Milk and Honey
“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Interested in helping on a monthly basis? Here’s some ongoing expenses we need help with.


Marketing $600 US p/m


We want to make a bigger impact in the community. We would like to be more self sustainable financially. To accomplish this, we need more paying students, or participants in our programs. We also need to diversify, and offer more training classes and clubs. For that to happen we need more volunteers from the west who can teach and facilitate programs. Organic social media no longer reaches enough people, or the right people. To attract more volunteers, we need to spend money on advertising the volunteering opportunities available, to people who are most likely to respond.

Contributing to our marketing budget will make it possible for us to continue our work, and grow.

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Wages $3500 US p/m


One of the best ways we can impact lives is to provide employment to Cambodians that brings them purpose and fulfillment. Our Cambodian staff work hard and we value them. Wages are substantially cheaper in Cambodia than in Western countries so the cost of employing all of our Cambodians is relatively inexpensive.

Positions available include:

  • Maintenance Person
  • Receptionist / administrator

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AUS wages $2000 US p/m


We have a few amazing volunteers that work part or full time on Milk and Honey administration in Australia for no wage. We’d love to change that!

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