Milk and Honey
“The great and terrible thing about life is there’s just so much bloody potential.” – Bill Nighy, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Here’s some projects we’d love to do with our students, but are impossible without additional funding.


Early Learning Facility – $40,000 USD


The Early Learning facility is a strategy to develop relationships with little ones, and their parents, that will develop into the future. Kids will progress to an age and level of English that qualifies them for English Classes. More importantly, long term, strategic relationships will be built, while providing a safe, fun, educational space for Cambodian kids to play. We need some great play equipment, and are working on plans for real world learning scenarios and sets such as a mini-mart, doctors clinic, and hair-dressers.

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Cafe $32,000 USD


Help us convert our basic school cafeteria into a full blown commercial cafe.

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Maternity Clinic – Cost TBA


We’re working on plans for maternity clinic and maternity classes. Contact us for more information, and watch this space!

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