Milk and Honey
Everything we do is designed to build lasting relationships, that provide the opportunity to inspire and empower Cambodians to make a difference.

English Classes

We offer fun, interactive one hour English classes to Cambodian Students ranging from children to adults, and at different levels of difficulty. We use a high quality curriculum that teaches western culture through illustrated real world scenarios. Most Cambodians already speak a basic level of English, as it has been introduced to the Cambodian school curriculum, so our students are usually wanting to learn better pronunciation and practical English, from a native English speaker. This is an amazing way to empower Cambodians to rise to the many opportunities to impact their own nation for good, while building connections, starting projects for social change, and providing a much needed practical service in a nation where good English opens up many opportunities.

We also employ Cambodian teachers to assist with the classes, providing them with valuable experience and employment.

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